April has been in the tech world since the day she discovered how to play Nintendo at the age of six!  During her senior year, it was her first programming encounter which was Turbo Pascal. She fell in love with it, and she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of the Immaculate Conception and graduated with honours and a recipient of the Program Leadership Award.

She started her career working as a Web Programmer in a US-based outsourcing company. and then a Software Developer in a big  B2B lead generation services company in the Philippines.

Then at the age of 22, she decided to move to Singapore and worked as a Software Engineer in a start-up company called MyAdEngine. She then moved to an IT company called FunctionEight and worked as an Analyst Programmer and accepted the offer to become a Project Manager, where she also achieved her Scrum Master certification. She stayed in FunctionEight for 7 years until she decided to move to the UK with her husband.

She is now based in England and works as an Application Developer in a Business Travel Company.

She loves coding mainly  Javascript, Typescript (Angular) , PHP ( Laravel), CSS, Python. She likes to learn and try other web technologies in her free time.

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