Using Laradock

What is Laradock? It is a full PHP development environment for Docker. It supports a variety of common services, all pre-configured to provide a ready PHP development environment. Why I prefer Docker? Before using Docker, I used Vagrant although Vagrant is easier to setup Docker won me because it is faster to start and stop... Continue Reading →

Deploying your ReactJS App to Github Pages

Here is a new quick tutorial on how to deploy your reactJS application via Github Pages. I still prefer Heroku for dynamic web apps but here is the quick guide if you have a very simple React App and wanted to deploy it quickly to add it to your Frontend Development skills portfolio.

COVID-19 Live Updates WP Plugin

Everyday I always check the number of Coronavirus cases not just in the UK but also in other countries. The thing about checking it on other websites is that the websites often contain ads, or don't easily allow me to compare between countries in the format I want. So I realize why not built my... Continue Reading →

How to setup PHP Code Sniffer in PHPStorm

I will be sharing one of the essential elements that I have learned in my previous company by following Coding Standards when you have more than ten developers in a team. Here I am going to demonstrate how to install PHP Code Sniffer in PHP Storm

Javascript Array Methods Example: Grocery Checkout

Inspired to code this from last night's Adrienne Tacke's talk 'Delicious Javascript'. I admit that using multiple javascript array methods are very difficult, especially when my background is in PHP. Adrienne's technique helps me to have a better understanding, especially in AngularJS array methods are commonly used. So I try to do it with my... Continue Reading →

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