Javascript Array Methods Example: Grocery Checkout

Inspired to code this from last night's Adrienne Tacke's talk 'Delicious Javascript'. I admit that using multiple javascript array methods are very difficult, especially when my background is in PHP. Adrienne's technique helps me to have a better understanding, especially in AngularJS array methods are commonly used. So I try to do it with my... Continue Reading →

Palindromes: in different Programming Languages

One of the common questions I get is "What programming language should I learn?" "What programming language is in demand right now?" What I can say is that no matter what programming language you learn, you need to commit to always learning and keeping up with new techniques. So in today's post, I use different... Continue Reading → and the future of WordPress

Seeing Matt again for second time since  5 years ago at Word Camp Davao 2008 was so cool and the future of WordPress is the most game changing in the world wide web. Thanks to Singapore PHP User Group for inviting Matt in Singapore for the Matt Mullenweg live in Singapore #mattinsg and to Microsoft Singapore for... Continue Reading →

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