Palindromes: in different Programming Languages

One of the common questions I get is "What programming language should I learn?" "What programming language is in demand right now?" What I can say is that no matter what programming language you learn, you need to commit to always learning and keeping up with new techniques. So in today's post, I use different... Continue Reading →

Setting up Python and PyMYSQL on your MAC

Just to share this with you. I just successfully setup a Python and PyMYSQL on my machine.   This means I can now start playing and start Python websites. Yey! By the way, I just  completed my "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" course and that's why I'm now practicing the Python Web Development... Continue Reading →

“Pong Game” made in Python

At last I  was able to finished this "Pong Game" - one of the hardest mini-projects of my Python Programming  course. For other mini projects I built please check my github account, though I haven't  added my last 2 projects. We are now on our Week 5 of the course and it's getting really really... Continue Reading →

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